About Us


Founded in 1968, ALMETAL has been one of the first countries in the field of marketing in the aluminum tray sector in Turkey in a way that is always one step ahead of change in its journey of nearly 50 years. Taking into consideration the aim of harmonizing with international standards and continuous improvement in all its activities, ALMETAL has become one of the leading companies in its sector with its products produced, sold, developed and exported day by day.

New vision for the new millenium

ALMETAL enters the new millenium with a new vision: “It is one of the leading companies of the sector and sells aluminum tray and pan group dominating the whole world.” It is the only goal to contribute to the development of the country with rapid and innovative growth.

Expansion of business areas

ALMETAL business areas are significantly expanded. The company is now; It has a wide range of activities such as round baklava tray, square baklava tray, angled and welded panes, rotating baking panes, pizza panes, kunefe pans, cakes molds, kitchen products and many other products. One of the most important steps in its development is the effort to institutionalize.

Continuous and unchanging goal;

ALMETAL, which is creating added value for the people in its field, carries out all its activities with the principles of corporate governance, customer satisfaction, social responsibility and environmental protection. The journey that started in 2010 is continuing with its growth strategy focused on developing and productivity.

The confidence we have in ourselves and in the future of Turkey leads us to set ambitious targets. We know that achieving these goals is only possible with a strategic management approach.

In terms of their sectors, they tried to obey the norms determined for the environmental qualities of the products and to support the products that are passed on. By improving its environmentally friendly product and service portfolio, ALMETAL Company is increasing its competitiveness while continuing its environmentalist entrepreneurship.